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The Imagick class




(PECL imagick 2.0.0)

Imagick::validChecks if the current item is valid


bool Imagick::valid ( void )

Diese Funktion ist bis jetzt nicht dokumentiert. Es steht nur die Liste der Argumente zur Verfügung.

Checks if the current item is valid.


Liefert TRUE bei Erfolg.

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hyrumt at mediarain dot com
11.02.2010 20:01
We found this method to be of value when checking most image file types. However, it does not appear to be rigorous enough to detect corrupt jpg files. We use the following for jpgs and validate() for everything else.

// check for the existence of the EOI segment header at the end of the file
if (0 !== fseek($file, -2, SEEK_END) || "\xFF\xD9" !== fread($file, 2)) {

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