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(PECL ps >= 1.1.0)

ps_get_parameterGets certain parameters


string ps_get_parameter ( resource $psdoc , string $name [, float $modifier ] )

Gets several parameters which were directly set by ps_set_parameter() or indirectly by one of the other functions. Parameters are by definition string values. This function cannot be used to retrieve resources which were also set by ps_set_parameter().

The parameter name can have the following values.


The name of the currently active font or the font whose identifier is passed in parameter modifier.


The encoding of the currently active font.


The version of the underlying pslib library in the format <major>.<minor>.<subminor>


The current drawing scope. Can be object, document, null, page, pattern, path, template, prolog, font, glyph.


The character which dissolves a ligature. If your are using a font which contains the ligature `ff' and `|' is the char to dissolve the ligature, then `f|f' will result in two `f' instead of the ligature `ff'.


The encoding used for encoding images. Can be either hex or 85. hex encoding uses two bytes in the postscript file each byte in the image. 85 stand for Ascii85 encoding.


Set to paragraph if lines are numbered within a paragraph or box if they are numbered within the surrounding box.


Only used if text is output with ps_show_boxed(). If set to true a carriage return will add a line break.


Only used if text is output with ps_show_boxed(). If set to true a carriage return will start a new paragraph.


Only used if text is output with ps_show_boxed(). If set to true the paragraph will be hyphenated if a hypen dictionary is set and exists.


Filename of the dictionary used for hyphenation pattern.



Resource identifier of the postscript file as returned by ps_new().


Name of the parameter.


An identifier needed if a parameter of a resource is requested, e.g. the size of an image. In such a case the resource id is passed.


Returns the value of the parameter Im Fehlerfall wird FALSE zurückgegeben..

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