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(PHP 5)

snmp_read_mib Reads and parses a MIB file into the active MIB tree


bool snmp_read_mib ( string $filename )

Diese Funktion ist bis jetzt nicht dokumentiert. Es steht nur die Liste der Argumente zur Verfügung.

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jdhall75 at yahoo dot com
5.03.2008 2:50
If you are trying to import mibs with dependencies on other mibs you will have to set the MIBDIRS environment variable.

Unix / Linux: export MIBDIRS=/home/<user>/MIBS:/usr/share/snmp/mibs
Window: Good luck! No really.  Try this url out.  It has everything that you need to know about setting environment vars in windows.
ptitgal at hotmail dot com
28.02.2006 11:37
Importing massive Mibs located in a directory
/******************** Loading Mibs **************/
 if (
$handle = opendir($mib_path))
 { echo
"Directory handle: $handle <br>";
"Files: <br>";
    while (
false !== ($file = readdir($handle)))
    { if(
       { if(
          { echo
"Read : ";       
snmp_read_mib($mib_path.'\\'.$file)) echo " Succesful <br>";
            else echo
" Failed <br>";


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