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(PHP 4, PHP 5)

snmpsetSetzt ein SNMP Objekt


bool snmpset ( string $hostname , string $community , string $object_id , string $type , mixed $value [, int $timeout [, int $retries ]] )

Setzt den angegebenen SNMP Objekt Wert, gibt TRUE bei Erfolg und FALSE bei einem Fehler zurück.

Die Funktion snmpset() wird benutzt, um den Wert eines SNMP Objekts zu setzen, der mit object_id angegeben wird. Der SNMP Agent wird bei hostname angegeben und die Lese-"Community" mit dem community Parameter.

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ch at lathspell dot de
13.01.2010 15:22
Note that there are two ways to set a variable of the type BITS like e.g.:
  SYNTAX        BITS {telnet(0), ftp(1), http(2), icmp(3), snmp(4), ssh(5), https(6)}

1. Using type "b" and a list of bit numbers like:
  snmpset('FOO-MIB::bar.42', 'b', '0 1 2 3 4');
with the disadvantage that the success is not easily verifyable as an snmpget() for the same OID would return e.g. 0xF8.

2. Using type "x" and a hex number but without(!) the usual "0x" prefix:
  snmpset('FOO-MIB::bar.42', 'x', 'F0');
19.04.2007 16:19
If you have importet the MIB-Files into the MIB Tree with "snmp_read_mib" you may use '=' as the "type" parameter.
In this case the type will also be taken from the loaded mib file. (Octest strings will be interpreted like strings though)
Comes in handy for a more dynamic use of snmpset.
deivis dot jakstas at gmail dot com
28.12.2006 15:53
If you setting hex values correct format is:
snmpset($source_ip,$community,"$oid","x","10 10 10 10");
slawrance at technologist dot com
21.07.1999 9:01
The "type" parameter must be one of the following, depending on the type of variable to set on the SNMP host:

u    unsigned INTEGER
o    OBJID
b    BITS

If OPAQUE_SPECIAL_TYPES was defined while compiling the SNMP library, the
following are also valid:

U    unsigned int64
I    signed int64
F    float
D    double

As an example, using "i" would set an integer, and "s" would set a string.  If the SNMP host rejects the data type, you might get the following message: "Warning: Error in packet. Reason: (badValue) The value given has the wrong type or length."

If you specify an unknown or invalid OID, you might get a "Could not add variable" message.  When specifying an absolute OID (one that is already resolved) that is completely numeric, prepend it with a period.  For example, an OID that could enable/disable Ethernet ports on an Asante hub might be "", but you would need to use "." in the OID parameter so that the SNMP library won't try to resolve an already resolved OID.  Friendly, unresolved OIDs do not need the period prepended, such as "system.SysContact.0"

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